My little family made our much needed annual trip to Sydney to visit family and friends. I can’t say it has changed too much but it sure was lovely catching up with everyone. Thank you to everyone who made our week a treat. Here is what we got up to.


I do love the drive, I can read and not get car sick or I can daydream about the year to come while listening to my top 10 albums of 2010. It’s when work disappears and a heavy weight lifts and I find myself actually relaxing.


Christmas tree decorating is a skill, something I don’t take too much care with, I hang my christmas decorations like I hang my washing…turn around and throw! above are images of skilled family members christmas decorations.


I am an Aunty! an extremely proud one. Christmas shopping is a hoot and I thoroughly enjoyed choosing individual gifts for each and everyone of them this year. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to capture my brothers four towering ninja’s in my photo snapping ventures. They are so tall you would have to scroll at least twenty times on your mouse to get to the bottom of this post. I love you towering Ninja’s I do.



An Aunty to twelve awesomely gorgeous individuals. I am a very lucky girl.

darts dad

My dad has a knack of getting us all very drunk, pressuring us into rounds of killer at $5 a game! he wins every time. His hideous green stubbies are always jingling with coin.


Three generations right there. My sister, my mummy and my daughter. When we are all together it’s trouble with a capital T. Sorry mum I know you’ll hate this photo but  it was the only decent one of me.

mums house

This is the house I grew up in! after thirty two wonderful years my Mum and Dad have decided to move on and start a new chapter to their lives and the good news is that they will only be three hours away from us so I can drop the kids off whenever and make a right mess of myself at some of these infamous bars hidden in good ol’ Melbourne town. See you in a couple of weeks mum. In all seriousness though it was so nice to have us all together; swimming, laughing, drinking, eating and just holding one another for what could be the last time for a very long time to come.



A massive thank you to these wonderfully good looking hosts who really don’t mind us crashing their humble home in the hills when we come to visit. You guys are the best!!! We hope to return the favour very soon, thank you thank you, thank you  xxx

mick n sylv1

Boxing Day was spent at Mick and Sylv’s “The House That Mick Built” the English Irvin Bar was arranged to accommodate ten adults and six kids. I don’t know how Sylv does it!! You guys are fabulous! thank you always for a wonderful Boxing Day lunch and for sharing the fond memories we all have of the Dead Ringer days with those amazing photo albums you both put together. THANK YOU!!!


There is something about their eyes, dogs have so much character and slobber. I am a crazy cat lady and my love of dogs stops at this photo. They smell when they get wet however they are all adorable in their own furry ways. Woof!


I drank my weight in Margarita’s. I was sucking them down so fast I drank myself sober. I could totally load myself up every afternoon on margarita juice and dance around the house to early Bowie songs if I could, but that would take the fun out of margarita time with friends; I need to find a happy medium.

opera house

One sunny day we parked our barnacles on the Opera House steps after walking around Sydney Harbour most of the day. I love the Harbour it’s my favourite part of Sydney.

I am totally digging that my legs are the same colour as the Opera House! ha what a coincidence! you couldn’t get that in a can if you tried.


My best Tommy Ton for Jak & Jil Blog impersonation. If you don’t follow you’ll have no idea what I’m babbling on about. Just move on down this post.



What’s a holiday without a shocking game of Beat the Buzzer, a round of Killer, a win on Keno and a ‘Final Countdown’ with the Spicks and Specks board game.

 the catch-up

…and my favourite is definitely the catching up with old friends, thanks for the fun times you lovely lot you! …. it’s back home we go! See you all again soon. Have a Happy and prosperous new year xx


How was your break? what did you get up to?


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  • Sylvi Pell:

    Arrr Kaz that was just wonderful.. I sit here with tears in my eyes.. :( you captured everyone. your so clever the way you put it all together.. we love you all very much stay well & happy all of you. hope to be seeing you soon on our visit to you. love & hugs Mummmy & Daddy poo’s xxxx <3 <3

  • Misse.bell:

    Pure gold, sweety. x x x

  • ally:

    Glad u manage to squeeze me in on such a full itinerary … And I am LOVING your hair. It is so sophisticate .. but u always have had fab hair….. love love. give melb a cuddle for me x

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