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Selfishly sewing for myself this week guys and boy do I LOVE this weeks make AND, it only cost $6 yep! six dollars; the fabric is all thrifted $2 bundles of awesome that only I could love—minus vintage mothball pong too, you may want to look away fabric snobs this shizz is straight from Nanna’s polyester pantry circa 1970? oh hush now I can hear you cringing. I’m no fabric snob, obviously! when I spotted this stuff my thoughts were ‘look at those colours, look at those patterns, imagine them all mixed together? Did I say this out loud in the shop? I really can’t recall but, I have heard myself talk my thoughts on a number of occasions. Wearing this and talking to myself ? it’s all part of the package. | Print Mixing

The simple V-neck vest is where I started, I had to place a black jersey knit on the back if I wanted to make the leggings—not enough fabric, the fabric is more wooly poly, nice and warm. The skirt is actually a long pencil skirt but I’ve hiked it up under my arm pits to even out proportions. The blue and white striped fabric was minimal too, perfect for ribbing and enough for sleeves for the bomber. | Print Mix


The bomber turned out pretty awesome, I lined it in a dark blue cotton it’s dead warm, I’m not too fond of the feel of 70′s polyester on my skin, it sends weird electric super power zappy tingles through my fingertips, not half as bad as when some one scratches their skin through their jeans, hate that noise. When you’re sewing on a budget and the poly looks this fierce I can most certainly put up with the zappy tingles, I could totally turn this thing electric summoning up a static mess magical enough to charge a White Night festival. Imagine electric bolts of zappy awesome coming from my fingertips- superhero like? | Print Mix

Listen to me getting all carried away on my polyester train of thought, enough of that, what about mixing prints are you the kind of girl/guy who likes to experiment? see what works and what doesn’t. I kinda like it when it doesn’t work, I think that’s where the print-mixing becomes very interesting, a visual feast if you will. Louise Gray is my all-time favourite print mixer, the lady just blows my visual/sewing mind I’ve had a serious fashion fan-girl crush on her for sometime. She’s. the. business. | Print Mix


I like that I can split this whole outfit up, separates are good like that. I wore this to run some errands and when I got to the post office my main mail man says Kazz what you got going on there girl? You always cheer me up, he likes that I sew this stuff myself and I like that he appreciates it. | Print Mix

In other fancy news I have managed to categorise my blog into sections which should be a little easier to navigate, dresses, pants, suits, and the like. While I was doing that I sifted through stuff that I had forgotten I’d made, stuff I just wanted to delete and stuff that I’m very proud of it’s nice to look back on older stuff and realize how much you’ve evolved.

I just want to make a quick shout-out to two lovely ladies Carmen from CarmencitaB, and Loran from Loran’s World for their generosity. Both ladies— who obviously appreciate my taste and know how to make my sewing heart sing. THANK YOU so much for the gifts and for thinking of me xxoo

and last but not least if you’re up for a new swimsuit Heather-Lou of Closet Case Files has produced a killer one-piece retro/vintage inspired pattern for us ladies to sew up. I love this style of swimsuit, very flattering, something I’ll be sewing up when Summer swings back around.

Well that’s it for me, let’s meet here again next Sunday, I like it when we hang-out, I like it when you comment, I even like it when you stop by and say nothing.


Happy Days




20 Responses to “Loud and Proud- Print Mixing”

  • Isn’t that suit the bomb?? I just found bolts and bolts of 4 way stretch rayon lycra and treated myself to some lipstick red for a suit : ) I’m so glad you liked the bundle o’ stuff, next time I find a stash of plaids that aren’t quite “me” I’ll think of you! Loving the bomber jackets, may have to indulge….

  • I love this! Love the way you combiine things Kazz. I agree with the mail man, it makes me feel happy too. Thanks so much for sharing with is. Really great photos too.

  • Jacki Gee:

    Bloody smashing sweetie!
    Love love love the mishmash of patterns – the whole look is awesome.
    I got zapped by the shops vacuum cleaner in the week whilst wearing a 70s long nylon dress – but was so worth it! Lmao ❤

  • Everything about this mix of prints and shapes is awesome. I’d be cheered up too!

  • You put a big ol’ grin on my face TWICE today lady. First, when I saw “Kazz” in my etsy sales notice and again when I saw that first pic. You school us all. If I could create a sewing university you would be the dean of Mixology.

    Jealous of your selfish sewing. I’m still on the swimsuit train even though I have summer outfits on the brain… Can’t WAIT to see your suit! If only I had picked up a meter of the crazy 80′s neon lycra I saw at my lycra store for you today! xoxoxo

  • This is a stunner!
    I’m really glad you like your dress, it took me a while to figure out you wouldn’t wear it just right now as it is winter in your part of the world!
    Thanks for the shout out!

  • GORGEOUS MIX, and great way to use those naughty piles of polyester that pop up at the oppie! I get attracted straight away to the bundles, but not enough to make a dress etc!

  • Deb:

    I so look forward to your Sunday posts – they never fail to brighten my day. So pleased you made time to sew for yourself after all your hard work whizzin up all those goodies in your shop. I just wish I had a smidge of your awesomeness so I to could sew/wear such cool outfits!

  • Kazz:

    Lipstick red for you Loran? definitely! it’s such a great cut. Loved the bundle o stuff xx

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Tracy, love to make peeps happy.

  • Kazz:

    Thanks sweetie, I knew you’d appreciate this. Turning this thing electric :P

  • Kazz:

    Prints, shapes, awesome…. just a few of my favourite words. Thanks Mikhaela

  • Kazz:

    I’d like that! dean of mixology.

    I love the silhouette of your suit the last one I made was copied from my own vintage swimsuit which has served me well, it’s just easier having a go-to pattern so thank you.

    80′s neon lycra, I can go for that xxx

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Carmen, I’ve worn it under my leather jacket with a belt at the waist and a colourful turban… I love it! thanks again lovely.

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Veronica, I almost always walk past the piles of poly but these were way too colourful for me to pass-up.

  • Kazz:

    Oh Deb you underrate yourself you are a talent, look at all those bra’s you’re churning out? I love reading that I brighten your day, that makes me smile.

  • oh the colors and prints! me likes :) so pretty and so inspiring

  • How killer! I love the way you’ve mixed these prints! Too awesome!

  • Kim:

    Wow, I love all those prints! And combined they look amazing!
    My favourite one is the print on the legging and the shirt, I feel a hint of jealousy coming up :)

  • I bloody love you Kazz. I don’t think there’s as fearless a print-mixer anywhere on the web. Your combinations really work and you are totally making it look easy! Keep up the great work.

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