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How bizarre this post was deleted from my blog, lucky I saved a copy to my desktop. Sorry if I’m showing up twice in your feed.

I’ve been listening to lots of different podcasts lately while I’ve been sewing, I’m loving Professor Blastoff- with Tig Notoro, Kyle Dunnigan and David HuntsBerger they have had me laughing out loud on a daily basis with their silly banter and downright stupid segments like Name that Punky and Boring Texts what can I say it’s my kind of humor and I just love Tig too bits, listening to her talk about her shittiest year yet where she was diagnosed with breast cancer having a double mastectomy and that’s not before learning she had pneumonia and then her mum passed away. Listening to her journey really makes you look at life differently, appreciate those closest around you and well, to basically just get over yourself. It’s a great show if podcasts are your thing. Another podcast I like is Marc Maron’s WTF, once you fast forward 10 minutes past all the gobbly goop and get stuck into the interview you realise just how brilliant Marc is, he’s not afraid to ask those questions and he does it in a way that never seems forced he’s clever like that. My all time favourite has to be when he interviews Fiona Apple episode 297 and asks her politely  like, what the hell happened there? And when she talks about the Hummingbird? I was so engrossed I didn’t realise I had stopped sewing. It’s a brilliant interview. Do you have any favourites?

Kazzthespazz.com | Bomber Jacket


This outfit is like denim on denim but it’s wax on wax. Wax on, wax off Daniel son. I wasn’t too sure what to team the bomber jacket with so I just reached for this skirt. Too much? Both will be sold separately in my little shopalop - Oh and the rayon Aztec Maxi Skirt up there ^ She’s nice yeah? I do love the bold print, too nice to slice up into something smaller. I think it works for all seasons, probably no good for shovelling snow though unless of course you suffer for fashion…

Kazzthespazz.com | Bomber Jacket

…a bit like moi in this shot, I’m freezing my knees off here guys I guess I’m trying to show you that this cropped fully lined, batik bomber can be quite versatile wearing them with a killer pair of shorts and a nice wedge. These shorts however are not 100% killer so I’ll be hanging onto them, I can look not so 100% killer jogging in them.

Thanks for your lovely comments last week, I havent quite gotten around to writing back to you just yet OR go blog-hopping, when I do get the chance to sit at the computer all I want to do is pin shit stuffs I wish I had another pair of hands *sigh* Hope you’re having lots of fun sewing your new flashy outfits. I’m off to clean up around here, thread everywhere. E v e r y w h e r e.

Happy Sewing



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  • The maxi skirt is supercool! I love the wax-on-wax ensemble aswell. Looks like a too-cool-for-school office outfit. I wish fashion magazines would give this type of outfit the “new suit” label :-)

  • Like I need more reasons to love you – Professor Blastoff is my JAM! Naaaaaaame…… thaaaaaattt….. PUNKY! Good god i love them. Swamp rock, the jazz note…. it’s so good. Also a huge WTFer. You NEED to listen to How Was Your week with Julie Klausner. She’s the funniest woman alive. Her monologues each make my week. Also, I want to fly to Oz and steal that skirt. That fabric is FABULOUS.

  • That skirt is too fab! Love it!!!!!

  • i’ll have to check out those podcasts, my favorite is “snap judgement.” great storytelling there!

    love your jackets, i have a weakness for outerwear!

  • gail:

    Really classy outfit with the maxi skirt , black bomber jacket and scarf. I love it !

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Lisa, another reader mentioned Snap Judgement too, I’m on to it.

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Ginger.

  • Kazz:

    Hahah!! Oh I love Name that Punky, the whole show is great. I totally agree with you, Julie is a riot, yep, she’s in there too. Thanks lady.

  • Kazz:

    Yay! thanks Hanne, why wait for the fashion mags you should lead the way :)

  • Amy:

    These all sound so great, but I suffer from what my husband says is single focus disorder. If I turn on a podcast or video or whatever, I COMPLETELY stop whatever I’m doing. Especially if it’s funny. So I generally stitch in total monastic silence. Anyhoo, these are just gorgeous shots; last week I took that same man to a fabric store and he gravitated toward all the wax prints. I was like, you’ve got to see what happens with these in the hands of an artist. (You.) Can I steal your bomber?

  • Kazz:

    Oh Amy I can’t be left alone with my own thoughts they’re way too loud and make me talk to myself haha!

    Thank you for the compliment lovely when doubt rears it’s ugly head I’ll use it as a life-line. x

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