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Last week I was scrolling through my Google Reader catching up on some of my favourite fashion blogs; Susie Lau’s blog Style Bubble is one of my favourites I’ve been reading for years. Susie herself is fierce, I love her anything goes approach to fashion, her quirky, colourful style and not for the faint of heart either, I’m a fan. I was reading this post and pretty much fell in love with the Christopher Shannon A/W 11 pom pom tassel shirt (pictured below). I had only just purchased some— of what looks to be the exact same mexican poncho cotton woven fabric a couple of weeks back keeping it in my stash for that flashing idea to come to fruition.

Christopher Shannon pom pom shirt

Will. you. look. at. that? I think it’s gorgeous and it’s a mens shirt, I love mens clothes and as I’ve discovered, this little beauty is sold out everywhere. Lucky for me and my sewing hey? now I have my very own. I’ve practically been living in it since it’s conception.


Construction was fairly simple, I used my go-to shirt pattern and cut the front and back pieces in the mexican woven to where I wanted them to sit. I then sewed the pom pom braid to the pieces, just stating the obvious. I have five different colours in there: yellow, light blue, purple, aqua and black. I serged all of the insides before it unravelled. I then placed the cut, white pin-tucked voile to the front and back placing small pleats in at the bust so it’s not so blah and flat looking. The back I forced the fabric into the centre folding each side in which forms a pleat (I’m sure there is a fancy name for this) I placed a loop across for some added interest, if you squint you may see it. | Collar

Onto the sleeves- I pulled out a couple of the threads from the woven so it frayed, that added interest thing again… the pin-tucked voile has turned-over slits at the opening of the cuffs which also button up.

Kazzthespazz | Collar

The collar, I pulled from Vogue Cutting Edge Pattern 1248. I like this collar pattern it actually has three collars at different sizes, I’ve used this collar here and sewn the Vogue shirt here. I like that the pattern has a collar band which lifts the collar up nice and high around the neck. The collar band I cut from blue broad cloth and the underside of the collar is pink broad cloth, a nice quirky touch methinks.

I’ve been listening to loads of Jane’s Addiction lately so I thought I’d name this one after one of my favourite Jane’s songs.

Happy Days.

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15 Responses to “Jane Says”

  • This is one awesome knock off! All full of major awesomeness!

  • Love, love, love this shirt!

  • It’s great! I love Those folklore-like garments a lot and it looks gorgeous on you!

  • Kazz:

    Thank you Ilse, I’m loving them too, I’m loving the textures, colours and patterns, sure does brighten up the day.

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Donna, I wish I designed it the idea is gorgeous.

  • Kazz:

    Thank you CarmencitaB. I like that term -major awesomeness :)

  • Karen Scott:

    Haha I love yours more than the original. Great job, Kazz! BTW. per you previous post, totally jealous over the pinking shears. Took my vintage ones to get sharpened only to be told “no can do”. Looks like I’ll be the one with the plastic-handled shite ones now, isn’t it?

  • Wow wee! Love yours more than the original! As soon as I seen your blog title I got the song stuck in my head, it will be there all day now!

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Shanni Yay! I’ve been singing into my hairbrush all week. Love it!

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Karen, that’s what Shanni just wrote too.

    Damn! I’m glad I checked these vintage babies before I splurged :P

  • Anne:

    WOW! Kazz, you, your daughter and especially your blogs are the discovery of the century! What you do is incredible. I used to live in Melbourne for a few month but just discovered your blog now as I´m back to Germany. I absolutely miss Australian fashion design. There´s not much of this stuff coming over to Europe. It´s a shame! You read everywhere that Scandinadian design rules the world. Woohoo… Got so tired of it. Oh, how I really miss Melbourne.
    Cheers to you and your beautiful and absolutely talented daughter

  • Kazz:

    Yay! that’s great Anne we are both really wrapped that you like what we do, my daughter is blushing at your generous comment, she sure is talented. Hopefully I can pop more of Melbourne in to my posts to remind you to pop back in to this wonderful city on your next holiday. x

  • Anne:

    Oh yes, do!!! There are so many places and shops I love in Melbourne. The Magnation, Darn Cheap Fabrics, Tessuti, Acland St, Chapel St, Degraves St… Our whole flat hangs full with Australia pics. So I would definitely be gratefull to read more about it. At the moment I´m busy reading all the Phryne Fisher books. So I also have a connection between Melbourne and fashion :)

  • ally:

    i think i say awesome to much on your blogs… but it is awesome.. lol..

  • Kazz:

    Awesome LOL! I know I’m the same when commenting on other peoples stuff. Thanks sweetie xxoo

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