Yay!!!!! it’s fashion week and to celebrate I have pulled out the old Janome dusted her off oiled her up and got to work on a new pair of pants I’ve had my mind on for sometime, being on a strict budget of Brazil Nuts and Chai Lattes I popped down to one of the many thrift shops in my area and spent a measly $5 on a pair of plaid nana slacks of which are going to be Vivienne Westwood-afied and that I did, infact if you want to have ago at Viv-a-fying!!!!! I’ve put some simple instructions up so you too can sew a pair for yourself, have fun.

………………and now for some goofing around………….. errrrrrrrrr for some unknown reason this image will not upload at the moment so in the meantime you will have to just stare at that annoying little red X sorry

PhotobucketI’m loving the silhouette of these pants it guides your eye down to the ankle.

I’m wearing from head to toe……

  • really bad hair, I need a serious haircut. this weekend thank god.
  • thrifted edwardian style lace top.
  • Necklace was a gift
  • fur scarf made by me
  • jodhpur  pants DIY’D by me.
  • Siren heels.



6 Responses to “It’s Fashion week sweeties”

  • ally:

    i have the perfect pants to vivenfi myself – see how i go

    BTW luv the shoes


  • ally:

    do u actually cut all the way through on under the knee… ? then have 2 bits u sew togeva?

  • Kazz:

    yep just cut the bottom half off all the way through, then take those bits in on the machine, and take a bit off the tops too, then reattach them, I guess it depends on the shape of the pants you’ve bought :0) maybe make your stitch on your machine long so it’s easier to unpick if you’ve taken them in too much, oH and un-hem the pants they look great all bunched up at the ankle hehe. Goodluck girlfriend let me know how you go ;P xoxo…………those shoes are soooo yummy I got them for christmas :)

  • Missybell:

    So u finally got ur jodhpurs! They look fab darling…..I won’t even attempt to “whip up” my own. GOD, could u image how they’d look?! LOL! Hey I can’t see ur “& now for sum goofin around pics”. Its just got the lil red x up in the top left hand corner :( I wanna see the goofing around!!

  • Kazz:

    damn that lil red X I don’t know cause it shows up on my puter and Ally’s I think, anyway it’s on Flickr sweetie :P

  • emma:

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I’m really glad you and your family enjoyed the Blythe exhibition. If there was a best dressed
    award to be handed out you guys would have won hands down!
    I really like your blog, great photos and awesome DIY. Gonna have to give it a try!

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