• Do you make lists?
  • Do you plan your day?
  • Do you doodle
  • Do you like red?
  • Do you have a Moleskine?

A couple of days back I was shopping in Parramatta for christmas gifts and came across exactly what I was looking for, a daily planner. General Pants had them displayed on a table as you entered. I let out a gasp and picked it up ooooing and arrrrring over it’s awesomeness and saying to myself I need this I NEED THIS. I put it down and moved on arnt I good!!!!!!!! I drove home thinking about it telling myself you don’t need it. I couldn’t sleep that night, why didn’t I just get it?????? because I’ve been extremely tight with money thats why, and besides that shopping trip wasn’t about me it was about christmas. A couple of days past and the feeling of not having it hadn’t passed, abit like my first ipod I bought, so I purchased the Moleskin to make life easier for myself. She arrived the other day and I’m so glad I bought it. I will now be  more organised, my day will be planned precisely making me happier because I’ve done everything on my list……..production plus!!!! yay. I’m thinking of taking a weekly iphoto of myself and sticking it in the Moleskine so I can watch myself age gracefully as I flick past the year that was hoping it doesn’t end with a tear drenched final page but a happy “I’m doing ok” page all of course written with a yummy black Fountain Pentel . I’m looking forward to the 1st of January, my first list and of course the brilliant (organised) year to come.

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2 Responses to “It’s arrived”

  • ally:

    very handy… i buy a diary/planner most years. I have kept them to look back on :) I even have the ones from when i looked after Kilswitch somewhere…

    This year i wrote on the back of envelopes, receipts, my hand..

    My lists tend to be soooooo long i rarely get to tick them off which can drive me loony, whereas with the back of an envelop wola! all is forgotten

    bless u and ur busy yet organised life… and if it is good enough for Picasso.. it is good enough for Kazz the Spazz

  • Kazz:

    aw you’re tops, those Kilswitch ones would be good to look at. I love that you still have them. I love looking at things like that. To do lists and stuff it reminds you of what you were doing at that point in your life. If you were ever to lose em they would probably turn up here. http://www.foundmagazine.com/

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