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Let’s play Where’s Wally.

Hi readers hope you had a wonderful and very festive Christmas, we took time out to road-trip it to my Mum and Dad’s to spend Christmas with them, Mum always puts on the best spread, she makes the best Christmas cake too, it was really lovely to spend time with them and see them looking so happy. So, this weeks dress was inspired by one of my favourite Australian labels Romance Was Born, I instantly fell in love with their tank dresses from their Summer 2012 collection. Simple to make with a CMYK graphic explosion to the face. Look at this gem. I needed to find a project that I could whip up because we were right in the midst of Christmas mayhem and this was my safe-way out. I’ve just completed may last garment of the year and have put together my Year in Review which I’m hoping to post tomorrow along with my final garment. What a year, let’s take a look at my simple Tank Dress for now.

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I found this smashing graphic print from Australian textile designers Wenzel which I thought would fit the brief perfectly. This is a Spotlight purchase, they have really lifted their game lately, their range of fabrics are getting better and better, they must have a new buyer or something it’s always exciting for a fabricholic like me to walk in and see the shiny new stuff laying there for me to stroke and buy it’s even more exciting when your awesome boss gives you a voucher to go wild with, he know’s where my passion lies. Thanks Boss.

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The construction was fairly easy as all you fancy seamstresses can see, I just cut to my measurements flaring the shoulders a little to look like this Hero Dress. I would love to get into digital fabric printing, what you could summon up in print is endless. I’m going to look into it, yes I am. I can imagine it being very pricey though. Do you guys have any recommendations?

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A lovely royal blue low-sheen chemise for the back piece adds a bit of contrast, it breaks the graphic up a little don’t you think? I think vertical black and white stripes would look good too, ah the possibilities are endless The neckline I cut a bias strip from the blue and sewed this on from the inside turning over and pressing under then sewing down. All seams are serged and the sleeves and hem turned under. Very very simple.

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I have worn this a lot already it’s really, really comfortable, another perfect addition to my Summer wardrobe. I’m on the look-out for other fabrics that can be sewn up into tank dresses. My next dress I’ll do actual sleeves,  these are okay, they tend to make me look even broader in the shoulders than I already am, maybe a rounded hem would look good too. I’ll wear it with my black army boots on those casual, cooler days.

I’m off to edit my photos for my final garment of the year, yippee! be sure to pop in for that post and for my Year in Review both released tomorrow.

Sewn to the soundtrack of Desmond Dekker – Israelites

Happy Days indeed.



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