Whenever I’m trawling the city —which is quite often I’ll make a  B-line for Swanston St, I’ll look for the little A-board with the illustrated rocket plastered on it and make my way up the stairs to a treasure trove of vintage goodness that is Retro Star.

This place is so jam packed full of clothes and treasures it becomes overwhelming and you end up leaving empty handed because there is simply too much to choose from, well for me anyway. Is it expensive? a one-off second hand dress will cost around $50 and up, I guess this is okay! it really depends on your budget, I wont pay $60 for a second hand dress with a yellowing neck-line no sireeee. But I do recommend you take the time and sift, sift deep and you will come out a winner unlike me and my Anal Shopping Tendencies. damn you AST.

Here are some photos I took on the weekend, it was a little dark in there and I didn’t want to draw attention to myself by having the flash on and have the girls who were all dressed up to the nines— like you do, trying on frocks and paisley shirts— think I was being a paparazzi Nikon swinging twat so some of the photos are a tad dull but hopefully I’ve captured the feel of this amazing hidden treasure trove, and this is only half of it.

















Don’t you just want to sift?


4 Responses to “I love to sift, sifting is good for the soul.”

  • ally:

    love a sift … and loving ur pics.. favs are the accessory wall in those muted tones with a bit of colour popping out, and number 9 with the rack of clothes leading to the manikin at the end … nice photo reporting of a very photogenic shop xx

  • Misse.bell:

    Is this the shop we went into, visit before last? I LOVE to sift, its quite therapeutic indeed.Those photo’s make me wanna sift right now! Great blog sweety.

  • Kazz:

    It sure is…you could spend all day in there without the handbrakes he he.

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Ally, I cant help but to take the camera everywhere now, you really do see the world differently through a lens don’t you?

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