Now that we are living in fabulous Melbourne he he you stumble across the most fabulous shops. Driving through Fitzroy to get to my job interview the other afternoon we stopped off to have a quick bite to eat and a wonder. I stumbled across this cute lil shop The Singing Whale which sold…… you guessed it by my header….. “Hoola Hoops” they have adult Hoola Hoops which are sooo much easier to use. I truly thought I lost the art of hooping when I stepped into Lil E’s hoop and couldn’t keep the darn thing up around my waist. I was under the impression that hooping was like riding a bike,  you never forget but with these adult hoops I have discover that I haven’t forgotten and what a great way to stay fit. I have been hooping for 15minutes a day,  hoping to hoop it up to 1hr. They come in awesome colours and you can get them weighted to work your midriff more. They are well made and well worth the money. In the meantime I’m on the look out for this Tears for Fears album. I think it would be uber cool to hoop to and have been yearning to hear it again, the patent red heels!! well that’s just a cheeky bonus.

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