It’s Hitchcock madness over at Sew Weekly, everyone has stitched up there favourite Hitchcock dress from their favourite film and you should see their efforts!! pretty amazing. I chose Vertigo simply because of the old movie poster —I’m trying to combine the two things I love doing the most, Sewing and Graphic Design with this little blog and I think or hope that it all meshes together well. I’m enjoying myself which is the most important thing. So in saying that I’m a very visual person so when I spotted the movie poster I new exactly what fabric I wanted to use. I chose a quilting cotton and I know there has been some discussions going on about using this type of fabric as dress fabric; I seriously don’t care, I’ll sew anything as long as it sits well and doesn’t turn into a wrinkly nightmare. I think the graphic on this fabric sums up the movie just nicely crazy, erratic, insane, unhinged, lost your marbles, throw your self into the San Francisco Bay you know what I mean?


Vertigo Dress

Madeleine does sport a black and white outfit but it really is something I’d never wear or want to make, I found the outfits in the first half of the movie rather boxy and should I say rather boring it was almost like they were hiding a pregnancy. I chose to use two sewing patterns, a simple 50′s blouse and a 50′s skirt and teamed them up to get the dress I wanted. I had a crap time with the collar I’m really not sure why, I’ve sewn a lot of collars, it may of had something to do with the zip I inserted in the back that may of thrown out the collar ever sitting nice. I plan to replace the back of the collar I’m just not happy with it, then I did another silly thing! I drank a big Ol glass of red wine and proceeded to sew the button holes where the buttons should of gone OOoOps. So I’ve started unpicking them, Luckily I didn’t cut the holes for the buttons to push through. Phew!!

hitchcock slide

In this picture Scotty’s going on about the collar and button holes and how the collar sits weird and I said you’d be sitting weird too if you drank a big ol glass of red and why are you following me everywhere? Yes, yes  you saved me from drowning in the San Fran Bay, I know and I’m extremely thankful Scotty but you’re weirding me out.

Gone loco

I had another little dizzy spell out in the forest and kinda went a little loco, Scotty sorted me out with a big old school pash by the sea. Did I mention I rolled hemmed the bottom of the dress? How do you like to hem circle skirts? I always seem to opt for this method but it doesn’t always sit well it can sometimes look a tad Becky Home-ecky. Note to self! research hems.


Well that’s about it for me this week. I’m going to have a Amy Winehouse day today, another brilliant talent to join the 27 club. I think she’ll blend in well and might just give Janis Joplin a run for her money. R.I.P sweet Vale.


10 Responses to “Hitchcock’s | Vertigo Dress”

  • Rhonda:

    fab, love the dress and the graphics. haven’t seen the film, but this makes me wanna watch it. so sad about Amy Winehouse. still can’t believe it, although it was probably inevitable :(

  • Trish:

    Great print – the black really makes it pop. Love the peekaboo of your tat. Amazing computery skills. Note to self, sewing and coffee = good, sewing and wine = bad.

  • ally:

    Honey, even when i have time to just ‘skim’ ur posts I still laugh out loud (at ur musings not the gorgeous creations) I LOVE that look over your mans shoulder on the poster… almost beats the look on your “The Likes” cover.. u make my day sunshine xxx

  • Amy Winehouse – forever 27, alas…

  • Debi:

    OMG Kazz….another BRILLIANT dress! I love this so much! And that gif animation is so much fun! I really love it–I could watch it all morning :)

  • Meg:

    Love the graphics and the awesomeness that is your photo shoot! Seriously. The dress is amazing and totally perfect for this challenge. Hemming circle skirts can be a pain but rolled hems are usually a good way to go. Well done!!

  • I am going to miss you Amy. RIP.

  • Distressingly ironic that Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black has reached number 1 in the Itunes charts now that she’s lost to us… I have to say, though, that she was lost to us a good while before she actually died.

  • Crystal:

    I just browsed through all your Sew Weekly related posts, and just love your unique style. I really enjoyed the Kate Spade inspired post.

  • Kazz:

    Oh thank you Crystal, that was one of my favs too. Thanks for commenting.

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