I love taking photos, my point and shoot stays permanently in my bag everywhere I go but now my friends, I’ve hit the big league, I’ve moved up in the world, I’m in the club biatches, I look like a tourist and I damn well don’t care because now I have a Nikon; a Nikon D90, the camera I have been lusting after for sometime ever since doing a short course in photography at TAFE I’ve had my heart set on this mind blowing gadget and now that it’s in my sweet little —mature beyond my years hands I have been annoying everyone with my obsessive camera antics.

Melbourne is so damn photogenic so I want to capture her through my eye spy my little eye. So I thought I’d start off taking photo’s of my very photogenic kiddies and perhaps move on from there. I am so damn excited about my new little venture that I’m ready to let my hubby know that I’m the happiest golf window on the eastside simply because I have another hobby to entertain my ever growing list of ‘things I must do before I cark it’ . So my darling Steve putt away! go on; enjoy your game, yeah sure you can play two rounds, can you fit three in? perhaps I can meet you on the 18th hole around dusk to take some action shots of your swing.

edie& Jazpa

edie BW2


edie colour

Jazpa colour

and the fun begins now…


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