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Because the weather is starting to heat up around these parts I thought I’d go for something fashionably comfortable and revisit The Wandering Star Jumpsuit  made for the UFO challenge earlier in the year for The Sew Weekly. I like jumpsuits and I have worn the Wandering Star many times so if you’re onto a good thing why stray right?

Kazzthespazz.com | Wax Print Jumpsuit

I found this great wax print on Etsy-6 yards for $25. The quality of the cotton isn’t too good so it’s definitely not the real deal but for a Summer fling! it’s fine, if they fall apart before the love affair ends I’ll visit Vlisco and splurge on the fancy stuff, that place is so dreamy.

Kazzthespazz.com | Wax Print Jumpsuit

Kazzthespazz.com | Wax Print Jumpsuit

Firstly I cut out the top and shirred it with hat elastic, ruling out lines approximately  1 inch apart with tailors chalk and got to sewing the hat elastic on, you all know the drill. I did this in two parts the front and the back and then sewed the two together making one long piece, I find it easier doing the shirring like this because the further on you get the harder it is to manage. Once that was completed I sewed the pants together adjusting the bagginess to what I considered ‘just right’ I only needed to take a little off so there wasn’t too much fabric wastage. I basted the top to the pants stepped into them and was pretty happy with how the front and back crotch area sat so I serged everything into place.

Kazzthespazz.com | Wax Print Jumpsuit

Lovely deep pockets were inserted along with carriers for the tie at the waist.  A loop-turned strap attached to the top centre front ties around my neck to keep things from falling down the shirring makes the top pretty sturdy though so the strap makes for a decorative feature if anything.  I’m wearing the neck piece I made for the yellow challenge I think it complements the look nicely. I love the fabrics pattern and have been eyeing off  different combinations of wax prints on Pinterest. All that print mixing makes my heart sing.

Kazzthespazz.com | Wax Print Jumpsuit

Will you look at that? I almost blend into the graffiti on this wall.

I have two more garments in the pipeline to show you then my year of sewing ‘a garment a week for a year‘ is complete. In the meantime I’m gathering supplies for Amy from Cloth Habits Bramaking Sewalong which starts early next month. How exciting, soon everything I wear will be handmade from underwear on and who know’s maybe this bra will be the best fitting bra I’ve ever worn.

Yesterday I stayed away from the crowds and silly queues and relaxed with the kids and made some bangles. You might just like them.

Soundtrack to this jumpin jumpsuit – Glory Box by Portishead



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