When I picked up my monthly addiction to magazines Frankie mag never fails to excite me, I love the layout the illustrations the posters (that my daughter covers her school books in) the photography the craft the entertaining stories, in fact the entire mag. I usually like to make a cuppa and cuddle up on the couch and read her from front to back then I feel all up to date with what’s new and then proceed to email the ‘giveaways’ section, I’ve never won anything and I have every issue apart from 1 and 2. Give a fan ago.

This months issue had a great interview with Karen O my idol and the best article on kids, what it’s like being a kid and their take on politics, life, and things that make them happy. I love their innocence and I found the article really entertaining so I asked my babies the same questions, we had a laugh doing this and I found out new things about my babies I never knew. Have a try, you will be excited about how much they know and how much fun it is……………… here are their answers. 

Lil J was also asked “What do you like to collect”? and his answer was ‘money’ haha.

Let me know how your babies went.



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  • ally:

    hahaha luv it! .. Ur babies sound really switch on.. more then some adults I know.. and Jazpa I want one of those robots too once u have invented it… and Edie you can never go wrong with a bit of tartan… that and leopard print… my 2 favs.. havent worn them togeva though.. hmmmm thats a thought.. oh I digress

    luv u all

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