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Yep I was a real Fragile Bird (City & Colour) this week with my cold making me feel miserable for the most part, blah! So, for this week we are celebrating Mothers Day, below is a photo of my mummy in her 70′s casual get-up; a basic brown button-up and groovy 70′s jeans. So I thought I’d take this silhouette and amp it up a tad but still hold on to that 70′s flare with the prints I’ve chosen. I wonder if my mum would of worn my outfit back in the day while she rocked out to Creedance Clearwater Revival and would my Dad approve? | Mothers Day

This photo was taken at my Nan and Grandpa’s place in Blakehurst Sydney which looks to be around 1972 judging by the size of me. Mum made all of our clothes when we were small, an exceptional seamstress, nowadays she will churn out epic hand candlewicked embroidered quilts and hand them to me to hand down through my family, I’m too frightened to have this quilt out of it’s box not with the cats and kids around anyway; I’d hit the roof if it ever got stained I’d never forgive myself.

I am unsure of the story behind this photo but I can tell you that as I got older that driveway that you see behind us which was indeed very steep was home to many biking accidents once it was concreted, grazed knees, skin off noses you name it, it happened. | Mothers Day

This top I had made from my generic shirt pattern I was telling you about a couple of weeks ago the one I make all of my shirts from. I spied this floral voile and this striped voile and thought they’d get on with one another famously. I particularly like the striped accents which were cut on the bias and do love the size of the collar, very 70′s. | Mothers Day

Because I’ve been sick most of the week I was telling the ladies over on Sew Weekly that if I tilt my head like this and shake it a little my ear pops and I can hear for a minute until it blocks up again *sigh* but thankfully I’m feeling a lot better now, I have to right? After all it is Mothers Day. | Mothers Day

Le back detail! and of course, any excess fabric gets piled on top of my head, perfect for hiding any regrowth. | Mothers Day

I particularly love the collar on this top, nice and high. | Mothers Day

I did buy buttons to do a button fly like my mums but opted out incase of any gaping issues which may of occurred. In other words I wasn’t confident enough and if the gaping did happen I would never wear them without a top covering the opening I’d be worried about people copping a look at my knickers so it was a safe move for myself and any potential onlookers. Yikes. The jeans are high waisted—as you can see. They feel and look very sliming I think. Very comfortable indeedy. The pockets are nice and deep just how I like them and the leg has been hemmed at a perfect wedge wearing length. I decided to leave off back pockets because of time restraints and also sometimes back pockets can change the shape and look of your derriere dramatically don’t you agree? I avoid any jean where the back pockets are too far apart or too high up. I call these ‘mum jeans’ Not for this mum I have to say.

Happy Mothers Day Mummy I know you’re reading this and are very proud of me. I LOVE YOU DEARLY . xxoo

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7 Responses to “Fragile Bird”

  • Marjorie Trundle:

    I love this outfit Kazz. The jeans look so professional. Good job!!! But I really love your shirt and the detail with the 2 fabrics. As usual, you simply inspire me. Just wish I had the time at the moment to get in the back room and get sewing.

  • Peter Gray:

    Hello Kaz,

    As usual, a great blog and you designs are sensational. Well done…and keep them coming…
    Happy mums day ,
    Lots of hugs

    Uncle Pete and Navy

  • Far:

    Happy mother’s day Kazz! Get well soon. And your outfit looks fab as usual. Envy!!! :)

  • ally:

    hey gorgeous…. what a great number to pop back onto your blog for!! you know i am a sucker for bold 70s prints, particularly the flowered kind… and love the combination of prints you hVE USED.. and the jeans look great too… Happy Mummys day to you sweetness xx

  • Kazz:

    Thank you Uncle Pete & Navy LOVE YOU XXXXXXX

  • Kazz:

    Thank you Marjorie that’s really sweet of you to say. I wish I had more time to comment on what everyone else is doing. I need another ME arrr

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