Last weekend we ventured out to Docklands to the Finders Keepers Market, a hive of creative crafty goodness under one big ol tin shed. The market went all weekend and I was gobsmacked with what they had on offer. If you were looking for something different this market was the place to be. It was like Etsy came to town and showered us with her magic. I managed to pick up a ton of business cards so I could shop on line and was a little hesitant to just snap photos of peoples hard work without asking. So I did the right thing and asked before I focused. Below is only a tiny portion of the fabulousness that shaped the day .


Finders Keepers Market

Finders Keepers Market

Little Beehive Art caught me eye, check out these illustrations… just dreamy.

Finders Keepers Market

Fancy a new handmade Lamp shade?

Finders Keepers Market

Mixtape Zine a fab little kitchy pop culture zine with an eco message too boot.

Finders Keepers Market

Record Attempts, Journals made from vinyl records, clever bookbinding wouldn’t you agree?

Finders Keepers Market

Tiger and Hare clever and pretty prints .

Finders Keepers Market

That handsome dear head at the top there lives with us now. made590

Finders Keepers Market


Finders Keepers Market

The queen of fabric print Aunty Cookie I can’t resist good typography and Aunty Cookies blog is a riot to read. Oh the fabulousness of this wonderfully talented women. I LOVE AUNTY COOKIE.

Finders Keepers Market

Oh Sweet William indeed. Kitchy goodness to boot, wonderful prints like this beauty in their Etsy store.

Finders Keepers Market I fell in love with Amy Eating Apples illustrations some were music related which I loved so I spied myself  some badges. I think I’ll need to get me a couple of prints next time.

amy eating apples

Look at that packaging!! that sort of detail makes me open my coin purse .

amyeating apples

go shopping here. yippeee

Finders Keepers Market

Another one of my favourites Bob’s Boutique. My daughter and I needed new totes for shopping so we purchased from Bob’s.

I have only just touched the surface, here is a complete list of all the marketeers. I’ll be pencilling this market in for it’s triumphant return next year.


Stay tuned for my next post…what I found on our way home from Finders Keepers Market. *eeeeeeeek*


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  • ally:

    some serious linkage there love… like i need an excuse to cyberwindowshop! aAAAaaahhh ….BTW I love the clarity of your photos.. it is a great snapper u have there my friend… and your lil blog allows me to visit Melb anytime of the year..YAY xx

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