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…..so as I mentioned in my previous post my hubby, kidlettes and I were making our way home from Finders Keepers Market, hubby always asks “which street do you want to pass through Smith St or Brunswick St?”  “Oh Smith St this week please darling husband” I say in a snooty almost royal manner! and as we drive my head is darting from left to right like how people danced in the 90′s with their eyes closed except mine were open wide looking at all the shops getting seemingly frustrated with Steve (hubby) for driving too fast; UNTIL!! wham my eyes transfixed onto a vibrant window display with well dressed mannequins wearing vintage threads in shades of browns and yellows surrounded by stuff, so much stuff, I automatically punch Steve in the chest grabbing his shirt and mouthing STOP!! into his surprised face. but in a not so snooty voice it was more of a ‘possessed mother running after her two year old in a crowded shopping centre’ kinda voice. Upon my entry which was reminiscent of that of the The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe I got lost in the fabulousness that was the ‘Vintage Garage’ I didn’t re-surface until an hour later, suffering from acute alzheimers I guess, the kidlettes and hubby — aka ‘the handbrakes’ were left in the car, somewhat similar to what those women do when they pop into the RSL to play the pokies for a minute. I became one of those women… but hey!! it’s okay I got photo’s. *opposable thumbs*

Amy & Melita

Meet the lovely Amy and Melita of Vintage Garage. Thank you for letting me take photos ladies.

If you’re visiting Melbourne or fancy a spot of vintage shopping visit Vintage Garage 318 Smith Street Collingwood.You wont be disappointed.


The Vintage Garage 25

Lets go shopping…

The Vintage Garage 24

The Vintage Garage 23

The Vintage Garage 21

The Vintage Garage 18

The Vintage Garage 13

The Vintage Garage 9

The Vintage Garage 6

The Vintage Garage 3

Vintage Garage2

The Vintage Garage 16

The Vintage Garage 12

I could of spent hours in there, I spied myself a fabulous pair of sunglasses, falling in love with them being bright red and chunky and all, reminiscent of those Karen Walker sunglasses I’ve been lusting over,but weren’t as expensive and well lets face it  these will probably burn my retinas out.


until then on looker, happy shopping, happy blog reading, happy everything!


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