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Welcome to the 5th edition of EyeSpy, a collection of Sewing, Fashion, Graphic Design & Music links found around the interwebs for your clicking enjoyment.

::  During my lunch break at work I almost choked on my salad, laughing at the cheesy smiles and istockish watermark  present throughout this Kenzo’s FW12 menswear video. Too funny.

::   Dries Van Noten’s 2013 Spring Summer collection got me all excited about sewing mixed prints and textures. I keep staring at this and this, it just flows awesomely.

::   My Favourite Pin of the week.

::  A bunch of fancy sewing ladies were chosen to blog for Mood Fabrics- introducing The Mood Sewing Network of Bloggers. Yay! Excited for Oona I am.

:: I love how Amazon recommends books based on your taste and previous purchases. Next year after Sew Weekly finishes I hope to spend more time concentrating on technique and win me some fancy techniques. This particular book by Claire B. Shaeffer looks like a must.

::  Typographic Bird Houses? Genius!

::  No way, Interpol’s Debut- Turn on the Bright Lights is 10 years old? Crazy how time flies.

:: Fun facts on The Smiths, ‘How Soon Is Now‘ song, who knew they struggled to play it live.

:: Maybe you want to knit this Giganto Blanket. I’d knit it and use it as a scarf myself.

::  101 Sewing tutorials for Summer, I haven’t sifted through these yet, maybe there is something in there that suits you or maybe not.

::  I no longer had dry-mouth after viewing this editorial. Hubby asked who the buff guy was on my desktop.

::  Lauren from LLadybird completed the Sewaholics- Thurlow Jeans Pattern and is now hosting a sew along. Get. on. in.



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