1970's Sew Weekly Challenge

How rad is this weeks challenge? the 1970′s!! I know right! there are so many options, we have: Body Stockings in lycra to do the Lady Bump in at Studio 54. Flared trouser suits or jumpsuits in heavy crepes, wool jersey or polyester, to solve a crime in like the spunky Charlie’s Angel girls. Maybe a Diane Von Furstenberg wraparound dress, or perhaps would you prefer the androgynous look of Diane Keaton in Woody Allens, Annie Hall? You know where I’m heading right? straight back to 1977 to Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren’s shop ‘Seditionaries’

The Tote

In high school my friend handed me a tape with the words ‘Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols’ scribbled over the TDK label, she said stop listening to that New Romantic crap and put this in your walkman. Not long after, the Simon Le Bon poster was pulled down from my wall and was quickly replaced with the glaring eyes and snarl of Johnny Rotten, he was, my new Jesus.

Hangin out in Fitzroy

This week I have my very own Johnny Rotten and Nancy Spungen—I wouldn’t wish Nancy’s life on anyone, but for the sake of this post and punk rock, lets just go with it.

My daughter, Nancy, has been eyeing off my 2m for $2 red tartan/plaid in my stash for months, asking for a pair of pants just like these. It’s a pity it took a sewing challenge for me to pull my finger out to get the job done, so I immediately went into fifth gear this week and made two pairs.  Yep! Johnny’s snarl turned into a smile. Best mum in the world right here!  but, there was a trade off…photo’s.

The Tote

Both Johnny & Nancy slipped into character without any drama’s, they were both very professional and looked absolutely smashing in their new bondage pants; I think these pants are timeless—well they must be if your ‘cool as’ kids are asking you to make them a pair some 35 years after their initial creation. I watched Johnny’s attitude alter as he slipped into the zippered and bound pants, it was like he took on the whole punk rock persona as we walked the streets of Collingwood and Fitzroy. These clothes changed him, he just morphed into this kid I couldn’t stop admiring. Clothes are powerful like that.

The Tote

Each pair took around 3 hours to complete, I copied the pattern from a pair of pants they both fit into comfortably. Both pairs are different in their own little ways just like their new owners. I spent a huge $5 on rings and zips for the front closures. I had a stack of open-ended zippers that were given to me years ago that I had no use for till now, the dog-clips I had buried in a bag in my junk draw. Nancy’s Doc Martens were found at the Trash ‘n’ treasure for $2 and Johnny’s at the opp shop for $5. Johnny’s T-shirt is mine from my youthful anarchic days as a rebellious punk *coughs*. We all know how much this outfit would cost brand new?  God damn, I love my Janome.

Hangin out in Fitzroy

Will you look at the attitude bursting from Johnny’s fingers? He’s getting ready to play the 100 Club later. Nancy’s waiting for the Bromley Contingent to turn up so they can wreak havoc at the gig as per usual.

Hangin out in Fitzroy, Sew Weekly challenge, Bondage Pants

This weeks challenge was super fun, I’m dead chuffed with how the pants turned out and I’m particularly pleased that both Johnny and Nancy loved wearing them.  I’m also happy to be behind the camera for a change. AND to add to all this happiness I just read that next weeks challenge is all about plaid. Plaid, plaid and even more plaid. Oh what to make,   w h a t   t o   m a k e?

Happy Sewing.



20 Responses to “Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?”

  • Debi:

    FABULOUS!!! I LOVE THESE so much! They look totally fabulous and the photos are amazing! This is actually the exact plaid I am using for this next week’s challenge!!

  • Debbie:

    Fabulous as always! Cool outfits, cool kids ….. and a VERY cool mum!!

  • sylvi pell:

    Awww Kazza. look at Nancy & Johnny how great do they look.. Sew ( punt :) grown up.. & look very comfy in their Sew Pistol gear.. Fabulous as ALWAYS darlin… look forward to next weeks . luv yu ALL xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Rhonda:

    seriously, at first glance i thought the first pic was an original from way back when! haha and then i read on to find out it is your children modeling! so cool … what a great coupla kids, and a great look…. one i remember fondly from my youth too. well done on your version of this week’s challenge. love it

  • ally:

    classic…. on every level… I vote second photo down to make the wall at home ;)

  • Amanda:

    These are the most amazing kids, pants and photos ever! I keep expecting to see The Spirit of Jazz somewhere in those photos…. though I expect your kids would be safe, your pants look much more running friendly. You’ve done an incredible job!! I also love that you just happened to have dog clips in your stash! (And thanks for the heads up on Marieke Hardy’s book – I was so excited I’m getting a copy ASAP!).

  • Kazz:

    Aw thank you Debi, I can’t wait to see what you sew. E X C I T E D. thanks again for commenting. xxoo

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Debbie, *aw shucks* :)

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Sylv. xoxo

  • Kazz:

    Thanks heaps Rhonda my kids love their new pants, I’ve had to peel them off my son he he.

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Ally, I’m thinking of getting them all printed off I love them so much. xoxox

  • Kazz:

    Amanda! thank you…the Spirit of Jazz?? ha ha for sure, I love The Mighty Boosh and that particular scene is a riot haha. I do just happen to have dog clips he he, I used to make these pants for a market I used to hold, they came in handy second time around. Marieke’s book is fantastic I want to read it again, enjoy. and thanks for commenting.

  • Love it Kazz! They look like they had a blast taking the photos! I really wanted a pair of these just 10 years ago! Rancid were big in year 12…
    Great job!

  • Meg:

    OMG YES. Brilliant is the only word that comes to mind. If I ask nicely, would you make me a pair of pants, too? Pretty please?!

  • Woooooowww!! You are an awesome mama! I keep that idea making tartan punk pants for my future kids (if i had some one day…)!! They should be proud and so pleased! And you can do too such a wonderful challenge!!
    Well i’m going admiring a bit more of this blog!

  • I am completely and utterly floored. And I want to kidnap those amazing little things you call children. And I’m not even one of those ga-ga kiddo freaks. Your blog is amazing, you’re amazing…I struggle to make a garment every two weeks (that’s loads for me) with a full time job, but throw motherhood in the mix. I’m going to sign off the work computer now, and sheepishly return to my little sewing nook.

  • You’re the raddest mum ever. Tartan pants? Love it.

  • [...] are some previously sewn plaid/ tartan garments of mine- my kiddies in punk plaid and my plaid pintucked taffeta [...]

  • Angela:

    I’ve been eyeing your blog on and off for a while! I just had to comment…you are supppperr talented and the pics of the kids are great they look like models for sure. All of your plaid challenges were awesome! Even though I’m a red head with British heritage I’d feel all weird in my little town sporting some plaid! Guess I should get over that! HA Happpyyy sewing!

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Angela, I’m a natural redhead too and I would totally wear a hint of plaid if I were you, why not… Happy Sewing that plaid ensemble.

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