I very much love Complex Geometries I think they are clothing architects, the way they  draft their patterns is just pure genius. I have a couple of their pieces and  admittedly sometimes find it confusing on where my head and arms should go but once I’ve worked it out the clothes drape in a way that is just perfect.


This is the Choke dress which I spied on Ebay for quarter of the price!! yay me. Looking at how this sits looks rather tricky right?? and a little baffling on how you would even attempt to make one yourself. I have dissected this pattern and have managed to make myself one in white saving myself some money for new shoes.


First off you’ll need music, Sebadoh re-released Bakesale  with heaps of extra’s and it’s just the bee’s knees and suits my 90′s grunge flashback just fine. Secondly grab yourself a couple of metres of cotton jersey the thicker the better the thin cheap stuff will stretch out of shape and look blah! You’ll need ribbing, half a metre will suffice.

Complex top

This is basically the pattern, if you draw this up to scale sew the ribbing in around the head hole on the front and around the arm holes on the back you’re in business join the front to the back, hem and waalaah you’re done. Things I would consider next time —depending on your fabrics stretch, would be the size of the head hole and arm holes I have made mine a tad too large hence my make-shift boob tube thingy underneath so measure before you cut. These measurements above are from my bought top and the jersey I chose has a little more stretch than Complex Geometries.

A view from the back so you get the idea. As you can see the arm holes are a tad too big but still okay to wear I think.


Grab the ties and cross them over your chest and tie around your neck, hence the word ‘choke’.

I think it turned out pretty well.

Satchel from Only Midge shoes Jeffrey Campbell.

Happy sewing.


5 Responses to “Complexed”

  • Amy:

    Now thats totally awesome. I love complex patterns. How does someone come up with that??? It blows my mind – simple patterns are hard enough!! Good job kazz

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Amy, I know right!! and it’s so simple to put together I wish I had that skill.

  • Very cool! I bet you could tie the dress differently to make a completely new dress too

  • Kazz:

    Hi Molly thanks for popping in…you sure can, you can have it just drape without tying and it looks great like that too. I’m very pleased with how this turned out I wish I came up with the pattern. Looks like you’ve been busy sewing too!! great blog Molly.

  • ally:

    I love Complex Geometries on you, i think they suit your style so much.. and now look you can do it yourself, not that I would ever have doubted it… And another White one to boot… u r rocking it

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