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The kids wanted nothing from me today  n o t h i n g, they were busy doing their thing so I took the opportunity to do my thing. I’ve been learning so. much. stuff about bra-making, I’m reading all the comments, posts and suggestions over on Amy’s blog and the Flickr Bra-Making Group and have been making alterations to my bra pattern for a better fit. | Handmade Champagne Lingerie Set

I have sliced and diced my paper pattern as suggested via Amy’s Slash your bra post- tweaking certain elements and what not, I’ve extended the sides of each of the bra cups and have heightened the back band a tad for more side-boob support. I’ve learnt that my very bad habit of just glancing over instructions and then using my intuition to get me to the finish line has not worked in my favour here, I had missed a very important step and that was interfacing the cradle, that cradle needs to be stable. Stable Cradle, makes sense really so, I then had to go back and slice up my back band and add more room to the center as well as modify the edge of the cradle where the back band attaches slicing some of the angle off the tops. | Handmade Champagne Lingerie Set

I transfered these changes to my paper pattern then made cardboard pieces from those because I feel like I may of nailed the fit, may of.  So, dear reader this is my latest make, it looks so much more interesting than the bra I’m making for the sewalong. Haha! | Handmade Champagne Lingerie Set

I thought I’d play around with lace for this set , I feel like my bra-makings are getting better and better. I’m super excited about this set it feels fantastic on and looks so expensive, the sewalong and extra researching is really paying off. I changed my underwire size too and that’s even made an improvement from my previous makes—which I’ve been living in BTW, I even bought a lingerie bag to wash them in. I’m wearing handmade all over darling it’s pretty awesome. | Handmade Champagne Lingerie Set

The bra is lined in a very soft white stretch tulle, the casing for the underwire is white and the picot is black.  I serged a dainty rolled hem across the cup seams on the inside, I really want to make this look neater, I read that I can use seam tape to hide it? I wished I bought some, my eye keeps looking at it wishing it looked nicer. I love the knickers (Ohh LuLu Pattern) I danced around with different ideas for the placement of the lace, I really wanted the scallop to show along the the tops of the leg openings so it looked consistent with the scallop along to top cups and along the bottom of the bra. | Handmade Champagne Lingerie Set

For these photo’s I’ve folded the back black piece of the knickers under the front so you can see the scolloped lace a little better. The matching bows are velvet ribbon that wont fray and the buttons are from my jar of vintage buttons. The crotch of the knickers are lined in black jersey and the bra has boning added to the sides for extra support.

I’m loving this combo, black lace on champagne satin. My knicker draw is looking pretty damn fancy.

EDIT: Scallop not scollop, oh dear, hope you had a good laugh at that one.

Happy Happy Sewing.



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  • OMG these are simply stunning! Luv em :) How fabulous to be able to have a knicker draw full of gorgeous knickers and bras like these!

  • Gorgeous lingerie! You’ve really done some awesome sewing with these beautiful pieces. Love a matched set. I am participating in the sew-along also. Had not thought of sewing a rolled edge, but great idea.

  • Lo:

    Flipping beautiful! You’ve inspired me to make my own”bra”, in my case it will be a pretty padded vest as i hate commercial bras (dont need the support on my Twiggy like chest) and I need something comfy and frilly underneath with no underwire. Am off to get some black lace then…!

  • PepperReed:

    SO Gorgeous!! I keep thinking I should make my own bras… I have a relatively ‘normal’ size and can find loads of frilly stuff (altho’ cheaply made) but can never find cotton underwires that last for more than a summer. What’s it like sewing the tiny bits of slippery fabric? That’s my main worry; messing about making myself crazy while the fabric shreds under my fingers…

  • Anne:

    Oh. My. God!!! This is incredibly beautiful. Did you ever think of selling them? I bet any woman would look gorgeous in a set like this.

  • Those are bea-uuu-ti-ful!! How’s the fit??

  • Kazz:

    The fit is fantastic! Donna. All that slicing and dicing has paid off.

  • Stop it Kazz! These are amaaaaayzing and I would pay top dollar for these in a store. I really need to get on the bra-train; you are inspiring!

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Anne, I’m still learning. Selling them? Custom bra-making would be a challenge, it’s not easy finding the right fit so making one for someone over the internet would be trying, lots of back and forth with photo’s and emails and mock bra’s!! I can see why custom bra-making is expensive and rightly so. I think it’s an art and for those that do it are magicians and artists.

  • Kazz:

    Thanks PepperReed, the making of the bra is simple it’s conquering the fit. I just use pins to keep the slippery stuff from moving. Maybe start out with a woven and jersey. Once you make one you’ll be hooked. Have a go!!

  • Kazz:

    Thanks Reana, the Bra-making train is so much fun can you tell I’m hooked? haha!

  • Kazz:

    Thank you Lo, this is the beauty of making your own bra. Don’t skip on all the bells and whistles, make it your own :P

  • Kazz:

    Thank you Chris, My knicker draw has never looked so good!!

  • Can anybody be green with envy in a good way? If so, I am. My muslins are looking terrible, tonight I made the fifth, but just looking at your gorgeous set inspire me to carry on trying. Awesome!

  • Oh my! You are making me envious. How stunning is that set??!! But then since I am currently wearing frumpy feeding bras you can understand why I am having drool over the gorgeousness of black lace and champagne.. You must feel so fucking amazing wearing these!

  • Very saucy sexy underwear! I bet you feel like a million dollars when you wear them. Your skill and design is so admirable, I wish I could do that. Maybe someday.

  • These really are things of beauty. It looks like your dedication is paying off.

  • Deb:

    These are AMAZING! I have got to have a go at these – although I’m pretty sure I couldn’t turn put anything as beautiful as yours. I did have a look for supplies at Spotlight, they have all the little buts & bobs – but I was unsure what fabric to buy – any tips?

  • Chrissy:

    I love your pants.

    That is all.

  • Kazz:

    …and I love your comment Chrissy, that is all. :)

  • Kazz:

    I bet you could Deb, have a go!! Maybe try using some jersey for your first go and follow Amy at Clothhabits tutorials, she’s done an amazing job. Good luck!!

  • Kazz:

    Thank you Tempest.

  • Kazz:

    I’ve never worn anything so fancy and you can SO do this Barbara, seriously, have a go!!

  • Kazz:

    Oh don’t give up Merche you’ll nail it sooner than later. YOU CAN DO IT!!

  • Kiki:

    Oh, my gawd. Gorgeous

  • Naomi:

    These are beautiful! I stalled out in the sew-along waiting for an alternative pattern. Way to go! Did I read you purchased the Bra Makers Manuals? How do you like them? Did you refer to them as you were altering & redesigning your pattern? Have fun with all your new skills.

  • Kazz:

    Hi Naomi, thank you, I purchased the first manual and am slowly working my way through it, it’s jam packed full of information it’s fantastic, I am learning something new with every new bra I make. I highly recommend it. I bought the disk as it’s half the price. You could also check-out Bare Essentials I have this one and the underwear book and they are great too, they come with patterns. :) Happy making.

  • Karen:

    Bloody hell, they look better than what you buy in the shops! You never cease to amaze, Kazz. Just stop it already with all this talent ;-)

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