How do you like to stay organised? Do you write daily in a journal with a beautiful pen, your goals, moods, dreams, recipes, food diary, shopping lists, hair and dental appointments, affirmations, birthdays, blog ideas, sketches etc? yep! Moleskine is my choice, some people love to keep it all on their iphones and sync to their computers setting alerts, I too do this.

Each year I purchase myself a new Moleskine, I love the simplicity the look and feel of Moleskine I like that it’s compact and hardy, It suits me just fine, jeez I even like the smell of it. I love the appointment stickers they pop in the back pocket along with a pop-out address book. It’s my companion. I have customised mine to look very clean and Swiss inspired and I alternate each year from red to black purely because it looks good on the shelf. I’m sure my children will enjoy my ramblings when they are older and have experienced what is to come, and as I look back I can say ‘what was I thinking?’ and have a giggle at who I was in 2008.

weekly planner1

This weekly planner sits next to me on my work station and keeps me in check through-out the week, we all know how hectic things get with work, school and other appointments, it’s great for planning meals and quick to-do’s. Kikki.K—secretly my favourite stationery store ever! even have meal planners, Love It! I’ll have to get Steve one.


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I was lucky enough to receive an ipad for my birthday so naturally I ventured down the Google path to the ‘Top 10 Apps for ipad’ to keep my social media reads in order. Enter Flipboard it takes your, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and RSS feeds and puts them in a simple, slick and easy to read format that is similar to a magazine. It has completely changed the way I view my feeds, and because it is in magazine form it makes my internet-reading-time ever so enjoyable. It’s dead sexy! Beats Google Reader which I have used for years. Yay for change.

If you just want to read your RSS/subscription feeds then I would recommend RSS 5000, a subscription browser. You can view all of your blogs in their natural environment instead of just boring old text. It makes your precious internet time more enjoyable and fancy. I rather like a bit of fancy!

Screen shot

TeuxDeux is pretty damn good for the everyday to-do’s and organisation. I use this at work and sync it with my phone. It’s simple clean and reliable. Besides in my opinion anything SwissMiss does is a winner.

Action Method is another great to-do App/online tool, a little too indepth for what I need but you may benefit from it’s many nooks and crannies.

What do you like to use? Do you use pen and paper or just stick to your handy digital devices?


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  • ally:

    YOu got an ipad BIATCH… haha… na its perfect for you. BOTH my parents have one! can your believe it? pfffft I am still trying to think of a reason to get one which matches my *Need* to have one..
    As someone who constantly struggles with being organised I look to people like yourself who have the innate gift built right into your personage. Last year I had a moleskin diary so I to could feel all Hemingway-like, it got totally trashed but still held up, they are built tuff. I had the week on a page next to blank page type, and found I used the blank page more, though I sync dates from diary onto iphone onto mac. Soooo 2011 I have my iphone calender for all apptmt work/kids/play sync to the old mac, I still have to buy a wall calender to write random things on (yes i know is almost feb) THEN I bought a moleskin note book so i could have a heap of pages to write list, ideas, scribbles on with no dates looking at me and pointing you havent done that yet??? xx

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