I live for the weekend, the weekends for me is all about discovery, you get your washing and cleaning done on a Friday night so the weekend is yours to do as you please, as a family we all get dressed up hop in the car and go on an impromptu adventure, whether it be a cosy little cafe to order eggs benedict an art gallery, shopping, bike riding whatever our plans we always make sure the weekend is never wasted sitting about the house. The thought of it bores me I like to be amongst crowds of people, I love to people watch, hunting for a good book or flicking through rows of vinyl in search of ‘the one’, going for a walk, snapping photos. now!!! that to me is a great weekend.

Last weekend we decided to go to the Mt Dandenong Ranges to the Sky high lookout which was amazing and managed to get some photos but kind of wished we turned up a little later to get a better quality shot… anyway after we had lunch in Olinda we followed the signs to William Ricketts Sanctuary— you can read about this amazing sculptor here, this is what we stumbled upon… what a truly magical place and an amazing talent he was.












You can check out more of the photos here

Hope you enjoy your weekend.


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  • Misse.bell:

    Wow, how beautiful is that place?! All that & it was free too!! Nice find sweety. Can’t wait to see what you discover next.

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