You know what? I get super excited when I can have a day to myself. Just me, myself and I and my camera of course, this to me is my idea of a perfect day. Hoboken Cafe, Oh yes! they sell Seven Seeds Coffee, you bet I took long, slow sips.

Yes yes

Hosier Lane. The ever evolving lane of art. I love Melbourne, and that my friend, is exactly what my hubby says to me. Ha!

Good to see you babe

…and it’s good to see you here reading all about my perfect day.

Tessuti Sign

Today I made it my mission to pop into Tessuti Fabrics to check out their very slick store. Look at that sign! Perfection.

tessuti store1

The staff are super friendly and the fabrics, oh the fabrics are divine, I ran my fingers slowly over everything I couldn’t help it, it’s an illness. I’m seeing my therapist tomorrow.

tessuti store3

No long queues here, it’s dreamy and they have a fantastic range of Japanese pattern books too. I picked up Pattern Magic 3, I do love those books.


Speaking of queues, (for the Australian readers) let me tell you a little secret shhhh!! Spotlight; you’ll queue for days right? Did you know the Sparty’s section will cut fabric? shhhh.

paper City Exhibit

Next stop; the Paper City exhibit. This exhibition explores the rich stories of Melbourne city, yep communications through letterhead design. I love love typography.


Over to Fitzroy!  Soy Latte and Falafel wrap and a good hour spent buried within the pages of my book at the >>>>>Vegie Bar <<<< seriously click on the link… vegan bliss.


Kleins Perfumery is just heavenly, I needed to stock up on one of my favourite fragrances EVER, Tokyomilk-Dark; Tainted Love and Bulletproof are also lush. I managed to start my christmas shopping too, yep it’s that time of the year again.

A Perfect Day, just the way I like it, minus the silly parking ticket though. Damn!


6 Responses to “A Perfect Day Out”

  • Jess:

    Don’t you love those precious perfect days to yourself. This sounds wonderful. This post has got me even more excited about Melbourne (can’t wait to try out the Vegie Bar!)

  • Far:

    What a fun day out!

  • Esz:

    Hoboken is new??? Seven Seeds coffee in the city – this is right up my alley. Can one actually secure a seat? I LOVE Brother Baba Budan but that place is so tiny it can be hard to find a seat, and being the coffee snob that I am, there really aren’t many other options in the CBD.
    Says someone who literally lives two blocks from Auction Rooms…… ;-P

    Kliens is amazing too – I’m curious as to your choices of perfume. A fellow niche fragrance lover? Have you discovered I’ve gone a bit crazy with samples from them and now have to get my shit sorted and buy things that jumped on my MUST HAVE list. I did buy Sacrebleu! by Parfums de Nicolai.

    Never been to Tessuti either. SHOCK, I know. Must head down there one day.

  • Kazz:

    You’ll love it Jess the food is amazing, very busy though.

  • Kazz:

    It most certainly was far, thanks for popping in and commenting.

  • Kazz:

    I believe it is, right next to MoVida, I was there early Esz beautiful atmosphere and superb coffee. Brother Baba Budan is also another fav, we have great taste in coffee :P, I always get a takeaway, scared a chair will fall on my head, lol. You have to jam a bottle of Tokyomilk up your nose it’s so good, but your taste may differ from mine. I shall have a look at, thank you. SAMPLES?? I’m there :P. Tessuti great fabrics (imported) $$.

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