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I love to set myself a sewing challenge, for me it comes down to self satisfaction, and I find the whole process relaxing, a sort of get away if you like which in turn makes me happy especially when everything goes to plan and turns out to exactly what I envisioned . In most cases inspiration is what sparks off a sewing session especially when you spot an image in a magazine or on line and think I’m going to make that. For this sewing challenge I have bookmarked this fantastic Etsy store (the dressmaker is an amazingly talented lady) I fell in love with some of the clothes and this one image of this fabulously gorgeously dressed girl who also has a blog and sells yummy  S H O E S. The overalls and button up shirt teamed together so perfectly so I thought why not have a go at making it purely for the love of the image,  I wouldn’t say I dress in any sort of style or genre I like to spread my fashion wings a little, dress to how I feel, I live in black throughout my working week and I’m trying to avoid wearing it on the weekends apart from the occasional leather jacket or capecoat, I look forward to the weekends. Anyway I have dug through my healthy pile of vintage patterns and combined the top of the dress pattern with the bottom of the pant pattern and made some changes to the shirt pattern and came pretty close to the picture so yay new clothes for me. I’m liking this skirt too so that may be next on my sewing list.

materials & Patterns

and the finished product! which cost me $50…love it!


and for no particular reason I’ll add this image of myself and my hubby because we both like it and you can catch the other pictures on my Flickr if you’re bored waiting for the laundry to dry or on hold with Telstra.


hey! that Arcade Fire Album-The Suburbs is pretty damn good it’s catchy and makes you want to sing into the shampoo bottle in the shower, try it! I did and haven’t looked back.


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