100 Yard Dash | 1940's

Last week I mentioned that this weeks Sew Weekly challenge was the ’1940′s, not at all my thing and, not one to give up either so it really was a matter of ‘Making It Work’ this week. This lovely little vintage pattern that I picked up on Etsy a while ago, probably paying too much for but, needed to have a 1940′s pattern in the kit to cover myself for fun little challenges like this one, phew! Yay for thinking in advance Advance Pattern 2684 to be precise, did you like that segue hey, hey? and what a magic fit she turned out to be I had no alterations to make at all that’s almost unheard of with these vintage patterns. | 1940's

I spied this lovely metro linen— 55% Linen and 45% cotton in Spotlight over the weekend and decided to just go with it. They had the same print in blue hues and brown hues I was getting myself in a tizzy over which one I should choose. As soon as I got home I threw it in the washing machine, as it was drying I thought, I wished I’d picked the brown. In the end after seeing these photos I was happy with my choice.

I know this isn’t your conventional 1940′s dress but you and I both know that really wasn’t going to happen; I’ll leave that to the big guns. I thought I’d style and wear this little number my way so I can wear it over and over, there’s no use spending money and time on something you’ll never wear again, right? When Summer swings around I’ll be popping this one over my head for sure. I’m so glad I got to sew this little pattern. | 1940's

On the construction side of things as you can see, the bodice is gathered along the waistline and along the chest where the hand sewn beads are, this really makes the dress comfortable, I guess with all that ease right!? I had some thrifted purple bias binding on hand so I used that to finish off all of the edges including the piping around the peter pan collar. I like these accents, what I’m not fond of is how easy the fabric wrinkles but the texture has a gloriousity factor of 100 . | 1940's

So there you have it readers my unconventional 1940′s number named after Raphael Saadiq’s song- 100 Yard Dash. Mr Soul himself, and not too bad on the eyes either. See you all next week.

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