electric scooter in parisWe are what we wear. The fashion is not about blindly following the latest trends from the runways, but about expressing yourself and fine tuning the trends to match your unique personal style.

Fashion is also much more that clothes. Fashion is representative of so many wider issues, and within it is a microcosm of society. It is about self-expression, indulgence, manners, respect and the ability to always keep changing. One of definitions of Fashion in the Oxford dictionary is “a manner of doing something”. Key word being “doing” – a noun which represents effort and activity. Fashion = effort, giving an effort to look great, making an effort to be a well-behaved person who is looking out for other people’s best interest, a person striving for greatness, putting in an effort to achieve a goal & to reach success.

1) Showing off your personality

With the number of different designs available, and the high potential for customization, nothing in the world can stop you to find the design that fits you best and turn it into your unique personal ride. The designers are competing to create the most fashionable eco-friendly machine for the daily commuters and to pack the latest transportation technology into the stylish and compact electric motor scooter design.

2) Sending a strong message

Since environmental activists started drawing attention to the high environmental price of bargains, eco-fashion has become the new trend – and all clothing companies want to be part of it. Which means that it’s easier than ever for us, as consumers, to contribute to the health of the environment. One of the most significant ways to reduce your carbon footprint is to ditch the car and choose a more sustainable way of transport, such as electric scooter, to ride around the city.

3) Fusion of fashion and technology

Whereas in the past, it was the new technologies that determined the fashion trends, there has recently been a role reversal, with technology coming to rely on fashion to become popularized. Take for instance, the development of Google Glass. Many people may not necessarily want to put on a pair of techy glasses as it can be seen to distort their actual image – and we all know that glasses have had stigma attached to them in the past, only recently becoming known as “fashionable”. The latest tech gadgets and wearables just started to have some element of style and fashion to them that actually fits with how real women and men like their accessories to look. That is also the true with the latest electric scooters: they look less like geeky people movers and more like cool and sleek personal urban transport.